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Do More With Less.

AI-Assistants for you. Built by you.

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About the Platform

Level up your sales and customer service with AI Assistants.

CloudSteer's platform allows users to build, test, and deploy AI-powered assistants using 0 code. We combine our platform with our exceptional service for each of our plans. Some of the core functionalities include multi-language integrations, custom knowledge base builders, and taking context from previous conversations. We also provide users with a custom API key that allows them to connect their AI-assistants anywhere.

Use Cases

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How To Build AI-Assistants



Provide a set of instructions to the AI to help it understand its role. 



Train the chatbot by dragging or dropping text files, PDFs, CSVs, or let it crawl any URL of your choice.


Testing & Deploying:

Chat with the bot and adjust its responses if needed. Once satisfied, deploy your custom AI using your API. You can create a chatbot for your website or an AI-Sales Rep.

Custom API.
Connect Anywhere.

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Seeing Is Believing. 

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